Best smartphones for vlogging in 2018

With huge variables to consider it is very hard to get the best smartphone in 2018 and especially for vlogging. Capturing your everyday life is known as vlogging and it requires you to have the best device to capture the video completely. With a huge range of smartphones, it is very difficult to make the choice that stands out. It does not mean that you cannot get the best and the most advanced smartphone. The only factor is to consider the specs before purchasing one. It will keep you out of trouble and will make sure that you have the smartphone that will change the way of vlogging.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

The phone was launched in March 2018 and it is to this date the latest addition to the Galaxy family of the company. The rear camera of the phone is 12MP whereas the front one is 8MP. The camera spec makes it one of the best and the most advanced phones of all times. With the weight of 185g, this phone makes it perfect for you to shoot long duration movies without getting bored. The battery is 3500mAH and it comes in 3 storage variations of 64, 128 and 256GB. There is a lot to talk about this phone as it tops the list of best phones of 2018 as well.

iPhone X

Though it was released in 2017 still it makes the phone as one of the best and the most dedicated vlogging devices ever. Within the Apple family, this device has the best camera. The front camera is of 7MP whereas the back is 12MP. Again the outcome when it comes to vlogging is the best and the most demanded ones. There are many websites that have uploaded the sample videos of the phone and they can also be checked out to get more details about this device. It has a weight of 174g and comes with the storage variations of 64 and 256GB.

Google Pixel 2

If you are looking for an economical device that matches the results of the high-end ones then this is your shot. It can be purchased at the unbelievably low price of $399 which makes it within the budget of many vloggers. The rear camera is of 12.2 MP and the front one 8MP. The battery size is 3520mAH and it also comes in 2 variations i.e. 64 and 128GB of storage. It is perhaps one of the best smartphones that you will get on the market to make sure that vlogging is made easy and straightforward. With this mobile in hand, you are bound to get the best results.


This is one of the benchmark phones of the company for two very major reasons. It is waterproof which makes it less of a risk to vlog with. Secondly, this phone is shockproof unlike others on the list. The panoramic shots are something that is the best when it comes to this phone. With the best and the most advanced outcome, it is advisable to all the vloggers to give it a shot.