Famous Canadian vloggers you should know in 2018

Canadian vloggers are known for their quality of content which can easily be seen when it comes to their YouTube channels. Though most of the famous vloggers are from Canada it does not mean that the rest of the country has no talent. Things and the perspectives of the people have changed dramatically in 2018 and only those vloggers that cope up with the change are the ones that survive. It will also make sure that the audience base is maintained. The quality also plays a very important role or be prepared for less and non-loyal subscribers. In addition to all this, it is also worth considering that vlogging is not as easy as it seems. It is all because of the fact that sometimes the vloggers have to risk their lives to bring entertainment to their subscribers.



This Toronto based vlogger has all the talent to do everything by her which makes her channel as one of the best vlogging channels on YouTube. Besides this, she is gorgeous and voluptuous which naturally gives her the edge she deserves. The YouTube channel of this vlogger can be searched by her name and once you get there you will find loads of DIY stuff that can be done quickly and easy. The best part is that beside vlogging she also helps others through unique DIY processes which are awesome.

Gigi Gorgeous

The best part of this channel is that it is run by a transgender which makes it one of the most honest efforts that have ever been made. The usual topics which are covered by this YouTube channel are related to fun and lifestyle. There has been some news about the surgery of this YouTuber and the channel has also covered it completely. The other factors for which the videos get views are the fact that this YouTuber is very much inspirational and has a very positive attitude towards life. She never believes in giving up and this channel is a big proof of this.

Furious Pete

If you are a food enthusiast then it is very important that you follow this channel. This YouTuber is crazy and you will always find him performing ultimate eating challenges. If you want to get solid entertainment then this channel is for you. There is much insanity which has been performed by this person. You can see him eating 100 chicken nuggets as well as traveling all over Canada for beating food-related records. The channel is simply amazing a worth subscribing.

Latoya’s Life

Just as the name suggests this is a channel which documents the everyday life of the YouTuber Latoya who is a mother as well as a housewife. She has to this date documented her life in about 5 seasons in total and counting. She is a cool personality to watch as she performs the everyday stuff in a highly composed manner. This makes this channel as one of the best of all times. With her kids, she performs the most adorable acts which will make you smile for sure.