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5 Objects From a 3D Printer That You Can Use Often

The fact that a 3d printer can be used at home is foreign to many people. Not only can it be used at home, it can be used to make objects that you need or want. The quality often depends on the printer that you choose. Fortunately, the more powerful printers are becoming less expensive.

1. Measuring Spoons

Though basic, measuring spoons are a great object to make using 3d technology. It’s easy and something that’s practical. Whether you are a culinary artist or just getting started in the kitchen, you’ll need to measure ingredients at some point. In addition to printing the actual measuring spoons, you can also create a rack on which to hang or store them.

2. Knife Holder

Securing knives is important for obvious safety reasons. You can print different types of knife holders using 3d technology. This includes knife racks and knife containers, depending on your preference. What’s wonderful about 3d printing technology is the ability to produce objects that are creative and artistic. Although the primary function is safety, the design of a knife holder is also important.

3. Shirts

Printing clothing in your home using a 3d printer is not just a dream come true for designers, it’s appreciated by many others who enjoy 3d printing technology. You can essentially design an article of clothing exactly to your preference and print it accordingly. This means you can determine the color, size and shape. For more information, visit and learn more from the available resources.

4. Wristwatch Bands

Although 3d technology has not yet been able produce the face of a watch, you can print the band. There are many watches on the market that provide replaceable bands to match the outfit you’re wearing. The ability to print a wristwatch band using a 3d printer is similar in than you can make different designs that are formal or casual.

5. Cutlery

Cutlery is used daily in most homes. Even if you don’t cook often, there’s still a need to use cutlery that’s better than what you would typically receive when having food delivered. There are creative knives, spoons and forks on the market that come in different handle designs and colors. You can create cutlery that matches your design aesthetic and preferences using a 3d printer.

These are all examples of 3d prints that you’ll find useful when you’re just getting started. Depending on the type of printer you try, there are many other objects that can be made. Some printers produce more impressive results than others, so it’s necessary to learn about the printer’s capabilities in advance. For instance, there are commercial quality 3d printers that produce life-changing objects in healthcare.