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Top 4 Reasons to Get a 3D Printer

3d printers have been around for a while. But are they worth it? While some of them can be rather expensive, the amount of things you can do with them could be well worth the cost. Depending on what you might want to use it for, it may just be worth it to pick up one of these handy-dandy machines.

1. It Will Save Money

A 3d printer can print a lot of things. Need a small replacement for a fixture in your home? Maybe a piece broke off of that action figure you love so much. Or just something needing to be touched up. Instead of having to go out and buy said replacement, you can simply make it yourself. Imagine being able to just crank out that small little piece you need instead of perhaps having to buy something bigger just to get what you want.

2. There Are A Wide Variety Of Materials

Depending on the type of 3d printer, there are many different types of materials that you can make with it. Flexible filaments are great for things that need to bend or sway a bit. Nylon works for items that need to be impact- and abrasion-resistant. Carbon fiber filaments can be used to increase strength for that extra oomph. Metal-filled filaments will give the printed material a metallic finish, while also increasing the weight if you need it to be on the heavier side. And wood filaments are great if you need to have something with that organic feel and texture.

3. Make Things Designed Exactly How You Want

If you’re looking for something like a case for your phone, there are surely hundreds of options. Different colors, styles, brands, etc. But even with all of those choices, there might not be one that really speaks to you. With a 3d printer, however, you can make your own phone case with your exact specifications. You pick the color, the thickness, maybe even put some bunny ears on it! Make yourself a nifty key holder to place by the door, a stand for a cookbook, some nice bookends for the bookshelf, all made with your own flair. A good place to learn more information is at the website.

4. Save Money On Gifts, And Make Them Personable

Everybody loves getting gifts. Getting a gift that was made specifically for you is even better! And, again, saving money is always great. Shopping for a gift for a friend or family member is something we’ve all done before, but being able to make a specialized gift for that person right in your own home is much more endearing than simply picking up a factory-made knick-knack off of a shelf.