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5 Practical Uses for 3D Printers

As 3d printer technology has advanced in recent years, there are an increasing number of uses that are quite practical. It’s much like other technologies that started out being impractical and become useful to the masses. Below are great uses for 3d printers that just might pique your interest.

1. Dinnerware

Among many other practical items, 3d printers can produce dinnerware. This is not the type of dinnerware that’s only appropriate for a picnic. Instead, it’s respectable items that can be used on a daily basis. In fact, if your taste in plates, cups and bowls is of an elegant style, you can produce items that are attractive and classy.

2. Scissors

When it comes to practicality, scissors are a perfect example. There are few homes that don’t either have or need a pair of scissors. What if you can print a pair from the comfort of your home or office? It’s just one more benefit of printer technology that demonstrates how much it has advanced for practical use. You can actually create scissors that are sharp and capable of cutting anything that a store bought pair of scissors can cut.

3. Tools

Sometimes there isn’t a true realization of just how much 3d printers have advanced. For instance, they now have the capability to producing tools that are used to work on home improvement projects. This includes a wrench and a screwdriver, among other tools. As it turns out, 3d printers can produce tools that last and work well, which means they are durable.

4. Children’s Toys

Parents spend a lot of money on toys that don’t actually get used for a long period of time by their children. If you find that to be true in your family, you’ll appreciate the fact that 3d printers can make different kinds of toys. There are even printers that are designed exclusively for the purpose of producing toys, to the delight of children all around the world.

5. Knives

Another sharp object that can be produced by a 3d printer is a knife. Whether you want to create a pocketknife or one that’s used at the dinner table, you can do so with a printer. Knives made using a 3d printer are sharp, durable and functional. You don’t have to sacrifice quality when using this technology to make practical items needed around your home.

Using 3d printers started out as a novelty and has become less uncommon. It’s a trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. If you’ve been thinking about trying a 3d printer, there are plenty of options from which to choose. Keep in mind that the quality of the printer you select will often dictate the quality of what’s produced. Additional resources can be found at